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INTI RAYMI 2010 FESTIVALSeveral reasons which prompted the Inca civilization to make sacrifices and offerings to the sun king. One was that the Inca, like the Cuzco nobility, were considered natural children of the Sun, to obey him his life, and should correspond with sacrifices and offerings. On the other hand, if the corn crop was good, had to thank you and if it was bad, had to beg for the coming year be compensated with a good production. This festival is now the second largest in Latin America, with an expectation of 200 000 people visiting Cuzco. Be part of this privileged group. RECOMMENDED
MACHU PICCHU FULL DAY TOURThe Ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu has been chosen as one of the New 7 Wonder World. Machu Picchu is situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Cuzco-Peru.Often referred to as "The Lost City of the Incas", Machu Picchu is one of the most familiar symbols of the Inca Empire. This is one of the most popular Peru Tours. RECOMMENDED.
SACRED VALLEY FULL DAY TOURThis tour is a full day visit to the impressive Sacred Valley of the Incas, covering the visits of the traditional Pisaq Market, Ollantaytambo archeological site and Chinchero colonial village and market. The second “must” of all Cuzco visits after the City Tour.
MACHUPICCHU BY CAREnjoy not only the Machupicchu tour but an adventure in which you will be able to know beautiful landscapes, the Cocalmayo natural thermal baths and have contact with the nature. This tour is the most economic way to go to Machupicchu because we avoid using the train from Sacred valley to Machupicchu, which is the most expensive service of the tour. Doing this tour by car can also ensure the quality of your experience and add more activities and places to visit to your trip. RECOMMENDED
CLASSIC CUSCO TOURTravel Peru and see a blend of color, tradition and people while you visit the three most important attractions of Peru, Cuzco City ,that have more than five hundred years of history; the Incas Sacred Valley and the Inca city of Machu Picchu.In CUSCO CITY you will see the mix between the Inca and the Spanish cultures, you will visit the Cathedral and the temple of the sun, well known as Koricancha; also you will visit all the archaeological groups around the city like Kenko, Pucapucara, Tambomachay and Sacsayhuaman. You will have also the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent of the SACRED VALLEY where you will visit the Inca market of Pisac, Ollantaytambo fortress, among others. Finally you will have the chance to appreciate the new wonder world: MACHUPICCHU and all its traditional streets,temples and feel the energy by reliving the ancient history. You can also add other Peru Tours and tailor your stay. RECOMMENDED
INTI RAYMI  2010Among all Peru Tours, this one combines the Cuzco Classic tour in witch you will have the opportunity to visit Cuzco city, the magnificent Sacred Valley, the wonder world Machu Picchu, additional day for watching the INTI RAYMI sun fest and finally a city Tour in Lima. More than six centuries ago, the Inka Pachakuteq instituted the “Feast of the god Sun” the “Inti Raymi” . Cuzco people are still representing it with the same fervor which their ancestors made it into the splendid time of the empire. There were several reasons which prompted the Inca civilization to make the sacrifices and offerings to the sun. One was that the Inca and the Cuzco nobility were considered natural sons of the sun and they needed to obey his existence, and should correspond with sacrifices and offerings. On the other hand, if the corn harvest was good, they had to thank him for it and if it was bad they had to beg for the coming year offset with a good production. In June is the winter solstice, in the Incas time they noticed the sun was going away, the cold increased, the water was frosty in dawn, because of that, Incas ask the sun to return, they asked the sun to return in dawn and does not proceed going northward. Finally, there was necessary the god sun to witness the eternity and total surrender of their sons, with submission and respect. You can also add other Peru Tours and tailor your stay. RECOMMENDED
CHOQUEQUIRAO TO MACHU PICCHU TREKA hike for people with physical training, we have to cross 4 passes, the highest one is 4560m, a combination of steep climbings where we can appreciate beautiful snow covered picks and challenging downwards pats. You can also add other Peru Tours and tailor your stay. RECOMMENDED
NORTH PERU TOURSThis Peru vacations program allows clients to learn about the most important cultures of the North of Peru: Moches, Chimús, Chachapoyas and Inca. Visiting Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Trujillo and Cajamarca, site of the first contact between the Spanish conquistadors and the Inca civilization. This program is specially designed for people with a special interest in archaeology, or for those with a taste for adventure. You can also add other Peru Tours and tailor your stay. RECOMMENDED.
SOUTH PERU TOURSIn this Peru tour you will have the possibility to visit and appreciate the culture, history, costumes and gastronomy of the main destinations of the south of Peru, wich is the most representative of all Peru Tours. In Lima, the capital of Perú, you will enjoy the very well recognized Peruvian cuisine that is one of the best in the world; you will appreciate the enigmatic Nazca lines, have a trip in buggies on de sand dunes and also if you want, have fun by practicing sand boarding; In Arequipa, the white city, you will appreciate the history and also the flight of the kunturs in the famous Colca canyon; In Puno you will visit the Titicaca Lake that is the highest lake in the world and also visit its floating islands and meet the people that live there; In Cuzco, the jewel of Peru you will feel the power of the wonder world Machu Picchu, the charm of the sacred valley and the mix of Inca and Spanish cultures of Cuzco city. Finally in Puerto Maldonado, you will enjoy the beauty of the Peruvian jungle. You can also add other Peru Tours and tailor your stay. RECOMMENDED

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Peru Tours Testimonials
enDrew - 10/11/2008
Our trip to through the South of Peru was simply fantastic. The guys at e-travelorganizer did an amazing job putting together a complicated trip with non-stop action and...
deMartin - 9/17/2008
Die zwei Wochen in Peru waren echt unvergesslich!! Von Wüste über Hochlandsteppe bis hin zu verschiedenen Formen von Urwald war alles dabei. Die Organisation war echt gen...
enGerardo - 5/30/2008
Greetings from your friends in Phoenix, Arizona. United States and Zipaquira, Cundinamarca, Colombia! I would like to sincerely thank you for all your services during m...
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